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  • Thai2English 2.3.4233

    The two-way thai2english dictionary has over 110,000 thai entries, 90,000 english ones, over 1400 native thai speaker sound files and 80,000 example sentences in both thai and english to give context to the definitions.
  • Thai_for_Java_phones 1.0

    english-thai and German-thai dictionaries Bundled programs: abcthai: english-thai dictionary with about 5000 entries and english user interface and abcthaide: German-thai dictionary with about 5000 entries and German
  • SpokenThai - English Thai Dictionary

    The inclusive software Spokenthai - english thai dictionary makes the learning of thai language very easy. Its key features are as follow: it has user friendly interface. It feature advance tools that is very easy to

    The inclusive engLISH-thai TALKING dictionary program makes the learning of thai language very easy and fun. It is best for thai language students because it features more than 7,000 entries, and a real person's
  • AbcThai 6.03

    thai text editor with translation help. Works on Windows 95 (and later) You don't have to install thai fonts - Abcthai can use built-in fonts If you have no thai keyboard then use one of the on-screen keyboards
  • Talking Thai Dictionary 1.0

    Talking thai dictionary with human voice, phonetics and thai script. Just select a word and
  • HighLight Dictionary (Thai) 2.3

    HighLight dictionary (thai) 2.3 is designed to be a fast and handy english tothai dictionary for Windows. It can be used to look up words from almost any Windows program or utility software, showing definitions,
  • Package: QuickThai 1.0

    Package: Quickthai is the best way to learn thai Quickthai. Talking english thai dictionary english Script, thai Script, Phonetics, Human Native Female Voice. The easy way to learn thai language. Package: Quickthai easy
  • Spoken Thai

    "Spokenthai" is a thai language learning software package that includes four main components: 1). A word to word Phonetic dictionary of over 20,000 words with thai script. 2). High quality 18,000 Audio files of useful
  • PasaThai 1.0

    english-thai dictionary. Click on english word to see the thai Script and the Phonetics.10,000
  • HighLight Dictionary 2.30

    Highlight dictionary is a easy and quick english to thai dictionary for Windows. There are more than 112,333 Words you can find. You can translation so easy in
  • OpenBizCard 1.0

    Java open source scanner for all platform. This application make the use of JSane. It also includes OCR for thai and english characters. This project is supported and funded by thai Life Insurance Company - A thai
  • Spyware Firewall 1.1

    Block spyware before it reaches your computer not afterwards and stop spyware communication. Spyware Firewall protects your computer by monitoring your connection in real-time and denying access to all spy ware
  • Thai For Lovers P910 1.0

    Want to learn to speak romantic thai, but never seem to have enough time? Now you can have an entire audio phrase book on your mobile. Listen and learn thai phrases at any time you want. Just plug your headphones in,
  • Thai For Lovers P800 1.0

    Want to learn to speak romantic thai, but never seem to have enough time? Now you can have an entire audio phrase book on your mobile. Listen and learn thai phrases at any time you want. Just plug your headphones in,
  • Thai For Lovers S60 1.0

    Want to learn to speak romantic thai, but never seem to have enough time? Now you can have an entire audio phrase book on your mobile. Listen and learn thai phrases at any time you want. Just plug your headphones in,
  • Orange Dictionary 1.1

    english to thai and thai to english dictionary. Place your mouse over a word, and a translation will popup. There also provides a Search Toolbar where you can enter a word and a translation will show up on it. This
  • ThaiTrainer111 4.59

    thaiTrainer111 gives you a quick and easy way to independently study and learn the thai language. This language uses its own individual alphabet and grammar. It is therefore not possible to compare it to any of the
  • LingvoSoft English-Thai Suite for Pocket PC

    The Lingvosoft Suite 2006 english thai for Pocket PC is a remarkable and integrated collection of three extraordinary language software titles designed to run on your handheld PC. This versatile set of language tools
  • MuayThai Championship 1.0

    The greatest free Muay thai game ever put to the market! It is really not hard to claim this game for the best free Muay thai game of all times. Why? While other games let you use three or max four moves to disable your
  • English-Thai Talking Dictionary for Windows

    The Talking dictionary 2006 english thai for Windows is part of a unique suite of language learning applications for your PC. It provides bidirectional word translation and advanced synthesis of english speech. The
  • 3eee Small Client

    Encrypt any file with upto 1024 bit key length. 3eee Triple encryption uses 3 algorithms which encrypt\decrypt your data in approx. 1MB per second. 3eee SDK is also available for software developers to include in there
  • Munga Bungas HTTPBrute Forcer Removal Tool 1.0.2

    This is a quick and easy solution which is developed specially to solve Munga Bunga's HTTP Brute Forcer and many other malicious programs. It help you forget what are worms, trojans, ad ware, spyware/trojans, bad
  • LingvoSoft Dictionary English ≪-≫ Thai For P

    This Lingvosoft dictionary english thai for Pocket PC with 400.000 words, built to operate on mobile devices running the Pocket PC platform, is a full-featured dictionary that is always ready to go when you are. It
  • Thailand Travel Kit 1.12

    Free Travel Guide ebook ! Detailed tours and maps, english - thai dictionary and much much more...No Expire Date ! No Registration Reminders ! Include "install" and
  • uniKode for Thai 4.0

    Looking for a user-friendly virtual thai Keyboard ? Stop searching: uniKode for thai is the one you need. It works with most XP softwares even with Word or MSN Messenger. Last but not least: uniKode is a freeware ie
  • 60 Minutes to Learn the Thai Alphabet 5.5.2

    Now you can learn the thai letters effortlessly with this great ebook. This unique system, will enable anybody to learn the thai alphabet in minutes, by using simple to remember images, that are instantly memorisable.
  • LingvoSoft Dictionary English <-> Thai for Palm OS 3.2.84

    This clever dictionary (about 400 000 words/phrases) translates both ways (the thai->english direction is the newest addition) and provides immediate back translations, too. Searching is made easy with Quick Search,
  • Zulu - English Dictionary 1.0

    For those of you who would like to have an off­line Zulu dic­tio­nary on their com­put­ers, TshwaneDJe cre­ated a stand-alone Win­dows soft­ware from the on­line dic­tio­nary. It comes with the com­plete
  • RAV-Ware 2.1.2

    ClearOne???s RAV-ware??? software provides an easy interface for configuring system settings and customizing the audio in your RAV 600/900 or Converge 560/590 business conferencing system. While the RAV/Converge system